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The team at Hillstone Capital came to me in need of a brand identity and website refresh. The new logo and visual design system communicate the luxury status of their interests and—more importantly—the exceptional value they bring to their investing partners and community.

As part of the refresh, I designed and developed the website to better align with their brand positioning. The result is a more inspirational, educational, and engaging experience for their users. Among other benefits, these improvements have cut bounce rates in half and produced a significant increase in leads through form submissions.

As part of the new website and updated printed collateral, I developed a series of illustrations to emphasize the benefits of their offerings, as well as a set of icons to represent—and differentiate—their unique investment offerings.

Website Design

Spider's Vision Logo Design in Horizontal

Jonny helped us hit every target we set and gave us more than what we had hoped for in the design process. From our first conversation to the launch of our website, I noticed his attentiveness to detail and the necessary guidance to move from where we were to where we wanted to be. Thank you Jonny for your objective, clear, knowledgeable and focused approach.

Blake E. Robbins

Principal, Hillstone Capital

Logo Design

Spider's Vision Logo Design in Horizontal
Spider's Vision Logo Design in Horizontal


Marketing Collateral

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