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Logo Design

Logos play a major role in brand equity, which is defined as “the commercial value that derives from consumer perception of the brand name of a particular product or service, rather than from the product or service itself.”

Given the intrinsic value of a logo, even designers can underestimate their professional responsibilities and the potential impact of their work.

Fulfilling all the needs of a logo should be challenging to even the most creative and skilled designers. The end product must strike a balance between beautiful form and intentional function, appealing to the brand’s audiences while working effectively in all its uses and formats for years to come. Most importantly, it needs to be unique to the brand it represents.

These seven characteristics are shared among the most successful logos of our time:

  • Simple

  • Inclusive

  • Relevant

  • Distinct

  • Memorable

  • Versatile

  • Timeless

Logo Design Process

Seekfire Creative follows a methodical and thoughtful process for designing logos



Discovery and strategy

It’s crucial for us to understand your mission, brand vision, and the value proposition of your products or services. We need to know what makes you different. This will serve as inspiration for the various components of your logo. 

Industry research

We’ll perform a review of competitors and other brands in the same and similar industries. This will help ensure our design explorations and your final logo fit into the landscape while being unique and ownable.


Logo concepts

Concept sketches

We’ll fill dozens pages with rough sketches to explore how various shapes and layouts can convey the necessary tones for the brand. We’ll then digitize the most promising concepts into clean digital renderings. 

Database check

We’ll review logo databases (Google, Pinterest, etc.) to ensure our favorite concepts aren’t infringing on any existing brands. This is not a legally binding check, but ensures we as designers are being responsible for delivering original content.


Presentation and revisions

Presentation of concepts

Seekfire Creative will present the strongest logo concepts from our explorations, while offering diverse options for consideration. At this stage, the focus is on the form and function of the logo mark itself without the distraction of colors and fonts.


Moving forward with your favorite logo concepts, we’ll make revisions to them based on your feedback and opportunities we see for improvement.


Colors and typography


With experience in color theory and its impact on emotional responses, we’ll explore and select color options that are both attractive and appropriate for your brand.


We’ll determine viable solutions for the brand name typeface. In the end, it will be strong, legible, and work cohesively with the mark and any existing brand styles.


The final stretch

Final presentation

Final logo design, including mark, font and colors presented for approval.

Presentation and delivery

I’ll provide you with the final logo files in all necessary formats, set in color, black and white, and reverse format for use on dark backgrounds.

* What is a stylescape?

Stylescapes are collections of colors, typography, iconography, artwork and photography that demonstrate how the brand might look and feel. It encourages alignment within the team while setting the groundwork for the visual direction for the brand.

Stylescapes are:

  • A great opportunity to explore and compare different visual directions for the brand
  • Collaborative in nature, allowing teams to work together in choosing the option that best supports the brand strategy
  • A modular tool, encouraging piecing together of favorite elements between different stylescapes—for example, the typographic styles of one direction paired with the color palette of another

Stylescapes are not:

  • Style guides
  • Definitive solutions for all aspects of the visual identity of the brand

Interested in working with us, or curious to hear more about our process?

Let’s chat to see if we’re a good fit. We can also provide additional work samples upon request.

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